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NNNG Committee Meeting Minutes June 2013

NNNG Committee Meeting

17th and 18th June Working Weekend 2013



Attending: Liz Evans, Neil Wilson, Carolyn Best, Barbara Dovaston, Winnie Magambo, , Linda Warriner (LW),




1 Apologies –  Neil Wilson day 1    Linda Warriner day 2
2 Minutes of April 2013 meeting agreed as accurate record
3 Committee Post Elections – December 2013 

Lena Walliman – Stepped down with immediate effect due to personal circumstances before the meeting– LE thanked her for the support she has given the committee.


Winnie Magambo – re-elected for a 3rd term unanimously – term ends December 2016


Neil Wilson – term ends December 2013 –wishes to stand down to concentrate on pHD – agreed to move to a co-opted member responsible for ICT website support – not an executive officer, will not attend meetings and will have no voting rights.


Carolyn Best – re-elected for a 2nd term unanimously – term for re-election December 2016. Carolyn has agreed to move into the role of Secretary in January 2014. Communications will be discussed at the next meeting in November.


Barbara Dovaston – re-elected for 2nd term unanimously – term for re-election December 2016



4 Updates from External Committees

  •  BAPEN Council

Winnie Magambo attended BAPEN Council meeting on behalf of Liz Evans. Plans for DDF 2015 have started. BAPEN 2014 will be held in October, BAPEN were letting the NNNG know in advance as potential for both conferences to clash.  Programmes committee requested for a nurse to chair the PENG symposium on liquidised food at BAPEN 2013.  BAPEN secretary coming to end of her term in office and post will be advertised. BAPEN strategic plan reviewed and updated.  It’s BAPENs 21st birthday this year and they are calling for any photographs or any projects undertaken done over the past 21yrs that have made a difference to nutrition.

  • BAPEN Education and Training

Next meeting is due on the 4th July.

  • Enteral Plastics Safety Group

Work continues to ensure the ISO standard is acceptable as a international standard. Awaiting America to agree the standard then the final stages will be conducted. It is looking like implementation will take place in America first then Europe. Implementation plans for the UK are already being discussed to ensure there is a national process where all equipment will be usable and safe processes in place including adaptors for an interim period of time whilst products are in the transition period to prevent wastage.


  • BANS

We need a formal representative on BANS.  ACTION:  LE to invite a member to this group.  Invited Mia Small – Agreed


  • MAG

No update

  • BAPEN Programmes

PN across the nations, originally to look at how it is implemented and commissioned however now looking at innovations or interests.

Mia Small confirmed for England

Regional rep ? name (BD will dig it out) confirmed for Ireland

Winnie to contact Cardiff to represent Wales. (Now done & confirmed)

Barb to contact Glasgow for Scotland (done awaiting name of presenter)

Need chair to be assigned to PN symposium (WM may cover this)

Need chair to be appointed for blenderised feed symposium. (BD is happy to do if this cannot be covered)


  • RCP – Nutrition Committee

Winnie attended on behalf of Liz. Meeting was held on 15th May. RCP have developed Top Ten Tips on Nutrition. NNNG commented on these and they will be posted onto the RCP website soon.











































5 Good Practice Statements Update – 

Weighing Guidelines further researched and formulated over the weekend – ready for peer review – members invited to undertake this process.


Exit site guidelines / consensus statement formulated – re-edited – needs further supporting references – NW to undertake this process over the next few weeks, prior to peer review.



6 Conference 2013 –  

Conference programme complete bar the keynote speaker slot on day 2, Anne Myers has approached Prof Carlson , Consultant Surgeon from Salford Royal – awaiting confirmation.


Evening meal agreed.


No submissions as yet for member presentations despite the 250.00 award.


Lunch menu to be agreed.


Early bird rates to be extended until 15th July 2013.



7  Standing agenda items (All) Chairs Update

Represented the NNNG at a conference run by the Better Hospital Food campaign (Department of Health). Spoke about the role of the nurse in feeding patients.

As a result the NNNG now actively support the campaign

We have also been asked to attend a meeting about a national hospital menu and improved ward end service by the Hospital Caterers Association. This is an ideal opportunity for nurses to make their voices heard to non health care professionals about the importance of the role of the nurse in ensuring our patients receive the nutrition they require.


Caroline Lecko from the NHS Commissioning Board (England) has invited the NNNG to attend a two day work shop to discuss the barriers in getting good nutrition and hydration to our patients. Despite all the initiatives the NHS is still getting it wrong ( ref Francis report). This workshop will hopefully bring experts from across the spectrum together for  a frank discussion on what is going wrong at a clinical level and what can be done to put it right.


We are working closely with PINNT – LE recently wrote a letter for their newsletter explaining the safe method of connecting and disconnecting PN and what patients can expect from nurses. There is a lot of anxiety from patients in the community about what is good and bad practice. LE hoped to allay some of their fears by building a closer working relationship.


We are slowly developing closer bonds with the RCN Gastroenterology forum. LE and WM attended a meeting recently with them and discussed some cross organisational working.  LE also attended an RCN Chair of Forum meeting  to introduce the NNNG and the work we undertake to highlight the importance of good nutrition in all health care settings. Disappointingly there has been no further contact – there is also no nutrition lead at the RCN. LE has asked the Nursing Director of the RCN if there are plans to have such a person in the light of recent reports about poor nutrition in health care settings. He has informed us that there are no plans.


Financial update

Bank Balance standing at pre meeting £31,088.74



Membership update

303 members – largest number of membership recorded, statement by LE published on the website.


Communications update

Next newsletter due for publication in July. Awaiting content from Barbara, Linda and Winnie. Having discussions with Complete Nutrition regarding ongoing sponsorship of the newsletter and conference special Next BAPEN Coms meeting September 2013.




























8 AOB  


Course Accreditation/advertising – Two courses advertised on the website, 25 fee paid income £50.00 from this new resource.


2013 Meetings

NNNG Conference – 30th and 1st  September and 1st of October – Birmingham

Committee Meeting – 19th November –Birmingham