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NNNG Committee Meeting Minutes January 2014

NNNG Committee Meeting

20th January 2014

St Johns Hotel Solihull


Attending: Liz Evans, Carolyn Best, Barbara Dovaston, Winnie Magambo, Bridget Penney




Action Required

1 Apologies – Angie Davidson-Moore, Linda Warriner  
2 Minutes of November 2013 meeting:

Point 7 Conference dates now agreed as 7th and 8th July not 30th June and 1st July as listed

3 Matters arising:

Committee Meeting dates for 2014. To be discussed below

Florence Nightingale course: No update on progress since last email to Lynne Colagiovanni.


Skype: Barbara to sort premium account for committee to use between meetings. This has been sorted. Signed up for the next 12 months.


Nutrition and Hydration Week: No feedback from Caroline Lecko re webinar.


DDF Programme 2015: LE has been approached by Cathryn Edwards regarding developing a more structured nursing day in addition to BAPEN input



Liz Evans to follow up



Barbara Dovaston to circulate password details to committee

Liz Evans to follow up


 4 Updates from external committees

BAPEN Council meeting Nov 25th 2013

DDF – BAPEN are committed to this again in 2015. Draft programme has been sent to council for comment. Event will be in London this year.

Quality Group: BQG are working on a resource about what every organisation’s top priorities should be re nutritional care. Working with NHS England on a draft document for consultation. LE representing NNNG on this group and has already commented on the document.

Strategy: BAPEN has developed its 2014-2016. Asked Core Groups if they would like to submit their strategies to see if there are any common areas.  At the time of the meeting, it was explained that the NNNG sets their annual objectives in the January meeting so would be unable to contribute to this document.

BAPEN Constitution has been updated –to be ratified at the AGM and loaded on to the website.

Executive changes: Mike Stroud is President elect -one of the changes proposed in the constitution was for BAPEN to have a president as opposed to a Chair. It was felt that this was in line with many other similar groups and societies.

  • Ruth McKee – Secretary (from Feb 2014)
  • Nicki  Simmonds – Treasurer
  • Andrea Cartwright – Senior officer (last year in the role)
  • Wendy-Ling Relph – Senior officer (last year in the role)
  • Pete Turner – Chair of Programmes
  • Trevor Smith – BANs chair and re-elected onto Exec (data and measures)
  • Marinos Elia – happy to carry on for next year, not sure beyond this and will give consideration to succession planning
  • Christine Russell – Faculty Chair. Christine informed Council of plans to retire next year in NSW role.
  • Mike Stroud Chair of Quality Group Meeting and BIFA. MS informed Council that he will inform the committees in the course of this year of the need for him to stand down and appoint new chairs.
  • Sheldon Cooper is stepping down from the Chair of E and T and Exec but will take up the position of Chair of BAPEN Medical


BAPEN Education and Training BAPEN E&T continuing with decision trees. NNNG working with PINNT on the decision tree for HPN pumps. Am waiting for Carolyn Wheatley’s /PINNTs comments on first draft.

We need to decide/agree on whether we will do decision tree on exit site management of gastrostomies. Agreed that this cannot be moved forward until our guidelines have been published for over a year.


RCP – Nutrition Committee: Meeting in October 13. No minutes received yet


Enteral Plastics Safety Group: EPSG meeting last week with Americans and there seems to be a few issues

1) UK feel that their concerns are not being listened to

2) The new format allows for displacement of connection which is all theoretical but is thought to be not acceptable to the neonatal aspect therefore tests are being undertaken to see if this is really a problem. If it is then either neonates are not included or design needs to be reversed. Option 1 not popular option 2 more favourable however you can connect an IV syringe via option 2 so not really an option.


NHS England – Patient safety: No update

BAPEN Programmes: BAPEN programmes- double symposium with PENG re dementia need some ideas

BAPEN programme for DDF now been started

Barbara offered to help with RCN sessions for DDF to lighten load for Liz.








5 Roles and responsibilities, changes undertaken since last meeting

Neil has stepped down from committee at end of Dec 13 but to remain as a co-opted member and manage the website. He is currently working on poster presentation guidelines for conference  and will continue to edit the BJCN nutrition supplement on behalf of the NNNG

Carolyn has taken over as secretary. Working with Neil at the moment to update and manage membership for 2014

Angie has taken over the role of comms

Bridget was welcomed to the NNNG committee. LE requested Bridget take on the role of community liaison






6 NNNG –Good practice statements

CB suggested setting up a working group of members to help develop some of the guidelines the NNNG needs to develop. She suggested that a structured day facilitated by two of the committee could be set up offering participants an honorarium of say £100 plus travel expenses on the condition that they have got to come out at the end of the day with agreed information that can then be used to develop further guidelines. Agreed to look at after conference 2014.

Planned guidelines:

  • NGT continuing care
  • Transfer from hospital to community



To be discussed at April meeting




7 Conference 2014

Conference dates agreed for 7th and 8th July 2013.

Delegate rate to remain unchanged for the next year

To include symposiums on dementia, PN and liquidised feed through enteral feeding tubes

Neil is happy to facilitate hot topics at conference

Provisional programme attached

Laura Deene at Mark Allen sent programme outline.

Poster presentations: Neil has developed new poster presentation guidelines. Discussed and amended within this meeting. Sent back to Neil for advertising on NNNG website.


All members present at this meeting to approach potential speakers as agreed




Carolyn to liaise with Neil regarding poster presentation guidelines

8 Committee meetings 2014

Meeting dates agreed for 2014 at St John Hotel, Solihill

Committee meetings: 3rd March, 9th June and  November 10th

Working weekend: September 14th and 15th

Barbara to confirm bookings with the hotel
9 Standing NNNG Agenda Items (All)

Chairs update:

Food Standards Panel: No update

Secretary update:

Outgoing secretary: Before leaving Neil has updated the committee / co-opted members page

One outstanding issue to complete with Barbara – Update of paypal – this will take months

Incoming Secretary:  Logins for 2014 have been agreed and membership renewals are taking place.

New ‘live’ membership database which both Neil and I can access

Membership renewed to date for 2014: 151

Financial update –Barbara Dovaston:

Finance last year’s accounts sent off for external review need to be logged with charity board by July 2014. Current balance £31,052.66

Communications update – Angie

Not present to provide update

Website update:

Neil will liaise with Dave regarding more complex issues with the website and will remove all names from the Google groups on 7th February 2014 for the new membership year

10 AOB:

  1. BAPEN expenses: Barbara raised the issues regarding funding of BAPEN places for NNNG committee members. Decision made that Chair plus up to four committee members can attend. Funding to include conference fees, travel plus accommodation but not the medical day. Who attends to be decided within the committee
  2. MHRA NGT education package
  3. National Patient Safety Collaborative design day –

The NNNG were invited to send representation to a collaborative design day run by NHS England  to help design the NHS Patient Safety Collaborative Programme. Liz Evans attended the meeting at the Connaught Rooms in London on January 15th.

The programme is being designed following the recommendations of the National Advisory Group on the Safety of Patients in England, chaired by Professor Don Berwick.

The idea was to bring together leaders and professionals from a variety of backgrounds to design a new learning system for patient safety based on local learning and action but connected across the whole country, with ambition to make the English NHS the safest healthcare system in the world.

The day was extremely challenging. There was a large group of professionals consisting of clinicians, CEOS from Trusts and other health organisations, Trust Safety Leads, patient groups, academics and leads from NHS England. Whilst there was nothing specific to nutrition and safety, it did give an opportunity to see the problems and issues that face leaders when trying to implement patient safety initiatives.

The plan is to have a set of collaborations put together by June and then they will be launching collaborative groups who will be leading on safety improvements.

  1. Nutricia Nurse Service Clinical Practice Protocol / Pathway of Care – Concerns raised re Nutricia nurses practice in managing balloon gastrostomy changes in patients with raised pH.
  2. Nutrition and Dementia Meeting: More dementia and nutrition guidelines being released. Meeting in Feb. If follow up required this will be passed onto Bridget.
  3. End of ward service:   Meeting 31st Jan 2014






B: Barb and Liz to email their presentations to the committee. Barb to co-ordinate responses

D: Liz to liaise with Angharad Jones.

E: Liz to liaise with Bridget


  Next Meeting:

3rd March St John Hotel, Solihull