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NNNG Committee Meeting – Minutes April 2015

NNNG Working Weekend           

Sunday 19th and Monday 20th April         

St John’s Hotel, 651 Warwick Road, Solihull, B91 1AT


Apologies: Angie Davidson Moore


Minutes of the last meeting


ADM added to committee members attending meeting


Nasogastric tube Insertion and Ongoing Care Good Practice Guidance

Worked on by NC & WMG. Plan is for these guidelines to be completed ready for release at this year’s conference

Nutrition in dementia Good Practice Guidance

Further work undertaken on these guidelines during the meeting but agreed that they need to be reviewed by a dementia care specialist. LE to forward guidance to Alison Smith, dementia expert, for her consideration.

Plan for these also to be finalised in readiness for conference.

NNNG Dementia Study day:

Idea developed based on questions posed by nurses attending the London Nurse Show.

The idea was discussed with Laura Deene at Mark Allen who are prepared to look into supporting it provided we can get support from industry.

The plan would be to charge approximately £80 for delegates.

Provisional programme and speakers agreed by committee.

LE asked whether we should supplement the cost of the day if inviting band 5 nurses / HCAs.

Agreed to approach relevant companies first for sponsorship.

Companies suggested:


Nestle – pre thickened drinks

Nutricia – Nutilis Clear

Wiltshire Farm Foods

Alzheimers Society

Dementia UK / Admiral Nursing – CB to send to Laura

Date to be agreed with Mark Allen – CB to agree

Provisional date for October / November 2015 (not 5th / 6th)

Liz suggested setting up a study day for newly employed nutrition nurses – to look at later this year.

NNNG Finances:

Winnie asked whether there needed to be a minimum amount in the NNNG account. BD Stated no minimum amount required. To look into putting some of the NNNG funds into a higher interest account.

Lone Worker policy


Agreed and placed on the NNNG G drive.

NNNG Annual Plan

Template forwarded by Neil.

BD has commenced work on it.

Information to be included within the plan forwarded by CB to BD to include

Aim for plan to be completed and submitted by the beginning of June

Health and Safety policy

Not required. To look at potential risks for committee members and develop a template but not addressed at this meeting due to time constraints.

Constitution / Terms of reference

To be addressed at a future meeting

Conference 2015

Market Place: To clarify where the tables will be positioned – CB to check with Laura

Nina, Claire, Winnie and Carolyn to support speakers and encourage delegates to move through the tables

Evening entertainment

No decision made. To discuss with Laura Denne

Circulation of badges

Mike Fryer has been unavailable so this has not been moved forward. BD to contact Faye Eagle to discuss


CB has emailed Laura but she is on A/L. CB to follow up on Laura’s return


RCN/ Baxter work developing national guidelines for PN


Decision made to postpone this initiative as the committee has a full programme for the remainder of 2015.

To revisit later this year


Enteral Plastics Safety Group (BD)


Guidance requested by members.

Developed within the meeting and sent out on 20th April 2015


Website Update:


Neil showed activity on the website.

  • The website has been fairly consistently used for the past 18 months.
  • The busiest periods are January (consistent with membership renewal) with traffic at 126 hits a day; the average usage is 75 hits including the website accessed at every weekend.
  • The UK has the largest numbers of access at nearly 3000 hits since January 2015 (72%) with the US behind at 171 hits (4%) followed by Brazil, Ireland, Germany, France , India, Belgium and Canada.
  • People accessing the site in the last year have primarily used IE at 44% followed by Chrome at 27% and Safari at 15%, other browsers less that 6% include Firefox, Android and Blackberry.
  • People accessing the site in the last year are accessing using the following networks NHS 2749 (19%) IP Pools 963 (6.7%) these are a collection of IP addresses (normally work based) followed by Sky, Easynet, Virgin Media, Welsh Assembly Gov, Danone. Most activity comes from NHS users with older browsers. We have had previous problems with NHS users accessing the site from work with NHS firewalls and older use systems.
  •  The mobile usage that has taken place has principally been through iOS 53% followed by Android at 32% respectively from the figure (20%).
  • The most popular pages being accessed are the main page at 23%, members home at 11% followed by good practice guidelines at 5%, accredited courses at 4% the less then 3% is conference pages, publications, committee all over 1000 views.
  • Mobile App Moving to a mobile site may cost approx. £10,000. Switching to a mobile site may result in more problems rather than solving the issues.


Neil has discussed he site with Dave from Digital Omelette. He needs a list of what actions need to be updated.

Claire to liaise with Neil to confirm what changes need to be made to update the website – Information re front page completed and sent to Neil 19th April 2015

The use of photographs on the front page of the website was discussed.

Conference pictures are currently stored on the members area of the website.

Plan: At conference 2015 ask delegates if they would be happy to have their photographs displayed on the front page of the website.


RCN Congress

Stand paid for furniture for stand ordered, hotel rooms booked.

CB to order new suitcase for stand equipment


Study days NI/Ireland (NC/CC)

On hold until May 2015


PINNT – NNNG pledge (WMG)

WMG has sent it to NIVAS and will send it to BAPEN. Aim to launch at NNNG conference



Google Calendar

CC has organised a NNNG calendar to record NNNG commitments attached to the Gmail so all committee members can access.


Google Drive

CB and BD to upload all NNNG documents onto the Google drive so that they are stored centrally and can be accessed by all the committee


Nutrition and hydration Strategy Board – Aim of the group is to develop a document for commissioners for nutrition and hydration services.

LE attending the next meeting on 11th May


BAPEN Regionalisation study days

Next meeting to discuss the progress of this initiative is on 11th May. Meeting is being held in London.

Discussion regarding what level of support the NNNG will provide to this initiative. Agreed to support but not take on the load or organising the study days.

LE and WMG to attend.

To feedback at next committee meeting


BAPEN Nutrition Measurement tool web platform

BAPEN have developed a this tool and are looking to publicise it. They would like to include some case studies from nurses.
They have requested:
– An introduction to you/your team – with team photo.

– A short piece that describes how you found using the tool (we can send you the link to the web version once built)

– A few sentences about what you think the benefits are for nurses and patients
– A couple of sentences about how you may use the data to both provide assurance to your trust board about nutritional care, drive improvements at a local level and benchmark / identify outliers.
– We are able to do all the work writing these if we could book a quick call with you – and I appreciate your internal comms team will want to review the info so if we can work on these in April / early may we’ll have time to get them approved.

Tool has not been trialled thoroughly by the NNNG and there are concerns regarding confidentiality issues with this request.

LE to contact Ailsa Brotherton to discuss

PINNT Pledge

WMG has provided an update to Carolyn Wheatley at PINNT. WMG has communicated with the chair of NIVAS. She is happy to put the NIVAS logo on the pledge and to have it on their website as well. The pledge has been forwarded NIVAS for their formal board approval and logo at their next meeting in May.

Dummy Tummy

Helen McGourty attended from Strand Medical with the prototype of two simulation devices for gastrostomy tubes. She showed the committee the Dummy Tummy and hand held Dummy Tummy.

The committee felt that both devices would be very useful tools for healthcare professionals teaching others to insert and care for percutaneously inserted gastrostomies.

Following a demonstration a decision was made to invite Helen to have a stand at conference in July to display this product.

Survey Monkey re use of Twitter (CC)

Survey Monkey was sent out to all NNNG members via G mail. Twenty four people responded to the survey.

Feedback appears to show that there is little interest in developing a twitter account for the NNNG.

CC to send out email to members to inform them of the outcome.


Email sent out to members informing them of the date of the AGM and asking for agenda items

Review of NPSA Guidance

Following the request from Caroline Lecko, NHS England for an expert review of the 2011 NPSA advice regarding nasogastric tubes an email was sent out to all members requesting their input 20th April.

Comments to be collated and return to Caroline Lecko on behalf of the NNNG.

Business cards

NC to develop and source NNNG business cards

Date and time of next meeting

Evening of 5th July Ettington Chase Hotel Stratford