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NNNG Committee Meeting Minutes April 2013

NNNG Committee Meeting

16th April 2013

Solihull – Birmingham


Attending: Liz Evans, Neil Wilson, Carolyn Best, Barbara Dovaston, Winnie Magambo, , Lena Walliman (LWM)




1 Apologies –  Linda Warriner
2 Minutes of January 2013 meeting agreed as accurate record
3 Matters arising

Constitution review – not discussed

RCP – ? launched 10 tips LE to contact

Nutricia Stoma Care poster – NNNG signed off

4 Updates from External Committees

 BAPEN Council
June 11th – Liz to attend.

BAPEN Education and Training
No meeting dates set for this year.

More decision trees drafted by dietitian’s

The NNNG are doing the HPN pumps and granuloma care

RCP Nutrition Group
May 15th next meeting – LE may not be able to attend, WM will attend in place.

Enteral Plastics Safety Group
No further update – Deadline for connections  ? at end of this year.

Blenderised foods taken on board for discussion ie; via feeding tubes. Committee have had discussion relating to this area of practice.  Barbara to send a summary to the next newsletter.

We need a formal representative on BANS.  ACTION:  LE to invite a member to this group.


No update.

BAPEN Programmes
Topic given – HPN how it is delivered across 4 nations.  Barbara to work with programmes to develop a symposium. The next meeting is in May.

BAPEN Communications
BAPEN requesting core groups to act as editorial board for BAPEN publications.  CB declined to undertake this role at the moment

Very useful for cross communications between BAPEN and core groups.

NNNG External Work
NICE Infection Control Guidance in Primary and Community Care –     submitted concerns and receipt confirmed. No response received from working group.

BJN awards. LE/NW judging – ceremony was 22nd March

Tracey Warren  led her team at Nottingham University Hospitals to develop and launch the trust wide campaign “Mealtimes Matter” to promote nutritional care.




5 Constitution Review – Not discussed.
6 Website – successful online membership this year.




7 Good Practice Statements Update – Granuloma guidelines started and ongoing care of nasogastric tubes to be developed.  No further action with these at present due to workload commitments. These are to be taken forward at June meeting.


– ACTION: All members


8 Conference 2013 –

Venue: St John’s Hotel Solihull

Jane Cummings unable to speak.

Programme still not finalised – all speakers have been contacted.


Member Presentations to go out soon

Keynote Speech – CQC approached

Palliative Care – TBC

Antibiotic  locks – microbiologists


Menu –
Prawn Cocktail or Tomato and Basil Soup


risotto (V)




NNNG committee approved £250 educational grant for this year’s winner of the poster and oral presentation at conference (total 500.00). This will have a 12 month expiry to redeem.  LWM to devise terms and conditions.

9  Standing agenda items (All)

Chairs Update –

Nutrition and Hydration Week in March was well supported. ? another week planned later in the year addressing safety issues in artificial nutrition.

BAPEN Exec update sent to committee

BAPEN – annual meeting with chairs – date TBC

RCN – LE attended 8th April 2013 to present to the forum chairs update meeting. This is run twice yearly. Presentation well received regarding NNNG function.

RCN – Gastro Forum – LE & WM attended to represent NNNG on 15th April – all aspects/national groups  forf gastro nursing were represented (stoma nursing, UGI, Hepatology, BSG/Endoscopy nursing, IBD, Crohns/Colitis), led by Isobel Mason – Chair. Key focus was on networking with other nurses from similar specialities regarding education. ? teleconference in 6 months to discuss education opportunities. Closer relationship being developed.  Imaging nursing forum interested in NG guidelines (NNNG).

Following discussion on the NNNG discussion board LE to email some members to ask if anyone wishes to work on developing NNNG fluid balance guidelines.

LE – To present at Better Hospital Food Forum in May.


Financial update

Bank balance standing at 31k. Online payments now with Co-operative Bank much easier.  Clarification needed regarding what the committee can claim as expenses. This will be lead by BD and discussed at June meeting.


Membership update

279 members – 34 new members to the group this year.


 Communications update


CN – 11th May – advert for conference.

Newsletter – June – membership update

In touch in May

E touch in July






2013 Meetings

Working weekend Committee Meeting – 16th-17th  June 2013 – Birmingham

NNNG Conference – 30th and 1st  September/October – Birmingham

Committee Meeting – 19th November –Birmingham