National Nurses Nutrition Group National Nurses Nutrition Group

NNNG Committee Meeting Agenda January 2013

NNNG Working Weekend

27th and 28th January 2013

Willow Bank Hotel – 340 Wilmslow Road, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M14 6AF (0161 224 0461)

10.00 start Sunday


  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of the last meeting (September 2012)
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Updates from External Committees
    • BAPEN Council
    • BAPEN Education and Training
    • Enteral Plastics Safety Group
    • BANS
    • MAG
    • BAPEN Programmes
    • RCP Nutrition Committee
    • Standing NNNG Agenda Items (All)

5. Chairs update (Liz)

6. Financial update (Anne to hand over to Barbara)

7. Membership update

8. Communications update

Suggested areas to be developed:      Primary Person Responsible
1.     Accrediting university nutrition courses Neil
2.     NGT ongoing guidelines Liz and Barbara
3.    Granuloma guidelines Linda
4.    Introduction pack for new committee members  WinnieCarolyn
5.    Website committee areas with all policies Neil can you provide a little more info on this
6.    Competencies for accurate weighing of patients  Lena
7.    Podcasts Address at a later date

Other Business 

  1. Mark Allen Group (Conference feedback 2012, planning 2013) (Monday 28th January at 12.30)
  2. Nutricia poster review (granuloma)