National Nurses Nutrition Group National Nurses Nutrition Group

The NNNG discussion group is now part of the NNNG website and no longer hosted by google groups.

To be able to access the NNNG discussion forum you must have

  • an ordinary membership
  • associate membership.

Non clinical industry representatives are welcome to join the NNNG and will have access to the website but will not be permitted to access the discussion group.

To access the discussion group,

  • You must select ‘would like to be added to the discussion forum‘ in your account details/change my details.

To manage your preferences click on the members tab, change my details, scroll down to the discussion forum option yes/no , select your preference and save your changes.

To enter the discussion group, click on the tab along the top of the main home page.

Click on NNNG discussion group which shows a summary of the number of topics and the number of replies from users.

You can choose to

  • subscribe to the whole discussion forum at this point by clicking ‘subscribe‘ this will mean that you will receive notifications via email for all posts to the group –
  • If you wish to only subscribe to certain topics, subscribe individually within the topic you select.
  • Please remember to reply to posts, you must login to the website online or on your mobile.
  • When you enter the NNNG discussion – you will see a list of topics – number of replies and the freshness (number of hours/days posted on the site)

You can choose to

  • Review previous comments and participate in a topic by clicking the topic and replying to the comment/thread
    • If you wish to be notified of any further comments that other people post click subscribe on the top of the thread or unsubscribe if you wish to leave the thread because you have the response you wanted.
  • When you post a reply that you wish to send to the thread click ‘notify me of follow up replies via email’  Any replies to the thread will be emailed to your registered account (You can not reply to posts that you receive via email so must login to the website on a computer or phone to post)
  • If you wish to attach a document, photo etc, click browse on attachments tab before you submit your response/post.
  • If you wish to post a new topic that isn’t listed –  the click NNNG discussion forum, scroll down and ‘create a new topic’ leave topic tags empty and select ‘notify me of follow up replies via email’, attach a document/photo if appropriate and submit,
    • Any subsequent replies will be emailed to your registered email. account.