National Nurses Nutrition Group National Nurses Nutrition Group

Annual General Meeting

Monday 8th July 2014

Chesford Grange, Leamington Spa


Apologies:    None received

 In attendance: 

Committee – Liz Evans Chair, Carolyn Best Secretary, Barbara Dovaston Treasurer, Angie Davidson Moore Communications Officer,  Winnie Magambo Vice Chair, Linda Warriner, Bridget Penney

Members – 38 members signed into the AGM

 Previous minutes:  30th September 2013– agreed as fair and accurate record.

Matters Arising :

Enteral Plastic Safety Group: Groups involved include Vygon, Corpak, Nutricia, Abbott, Enteral UK, Westbourne Medical and Fresenius. Met in May 14. Plan for implementation of changes during 2015. Details to be launched at BAPEN within the NNNG symposium.

Moulds already made. However 1st stage not approved, due to displacement of fluid (implications for neonates), therefore implementation may be delayed until April 2016. Not expecting the design to change. Putting in recommendations to support current design. Plans to develop a user group to test products. NHS England is setting up a group into which the EPSG will feed. Plans also being made with NHS Wales to develop a similar set up. The NNNG aims to be involved in both groups.

Royal College of Physicians Top ten tips: Discussed in National updates during conference (Developed by the RCP Nutrition Committee. Aimed primarily at junior doctors. Covers all aspects of nutritional care from screening to Parenteral Nutrition)

 Industry reps access on Google Groups:

NNNG Constitution changed in 2006 to allow industry reps to join the NNNG as associate members. Agreement was that they could read the content of discussions but were not permitted to respond. If an industry representative felt the need to respond to a comment it was agreed that the NNNG committee would act as intermediaries.

Recently a rep contacted a member of the NNNG following the posting of a question on the discussion forum.

EL raised the question of how the membership felt this needed to be dealt with and questioned the need for industry reps to have access to Google groups. It was made clear this this issues does not relate to the many industry nurses that form part of the NNNG.

Members present agreed that the need for industry reps to have access to Google Groups should be discussed with the wider membership.

There was little recognition of the NNNG code of conduct for members using Google Groups


  1. Canvas opinion of this issue with all members of the NNNG
  2. Review and made code of conduct more readily visible to members

Chairs report

Liz Evans delivered her report:

  • We said goodbye to Neil as a full time committee member in January. Carolyn stepped into his role and Angie Davidson Moore took over the role of communications officer.  Neil is now a co-opted committee member and continues to run the website for us. Bridget Penney formally welcomed onto the committee.
  • Since October 2013 the NNNG has worked with the RCP Nutrition Committee to develop their top 10 tips for Nutritional Care, NHS England in developing the Dysphagia Game, the BDA and other groups on producing nutrition care plans for HCPS working in the community.
  • NNNG is currently working with the MRHA in writing an educational programme for the safe insertion and ongoing care of Nasogastric tubes.
  • Liz Evans was asked to represent the NNNG on the Department of Health‘s Hospital Food Standards Panel. The purpose of this panel is to look how and what we give our patients to eat and what improvements can be made. It is a diverse multi-disciplinary panel consisting of representatives from the Soil Association, the Royal Colleges, the BDA, patient groups, dietitians, NHS England and of course nursing. The final report should be ready by autumn this year. In January the Food Panel was invited to the launch of a new CQUIN for hospital food. This CQUIN was published in December 2013 and provides an opportunity for Trusts to be rewarded for improving food quality and meeting external standards. LE attended the launch at Clarence House and had the honour of meeting HRH Prince Charles.
  • Ward End Service meetings: This meeting is a group of representatives from organisations interested in improving the actual physical act of getting food into patients. The NNNG attended along with representatives from the HCA, NHS England, BDA, RCN and the Royal College of Speech Therapists. Aims of the group include looking at improving food packaging making it easier to open,  training in nutritional care for all members of the MDT and looking at  Protected Mealtimes – are they working, if not, why not?
  • Food Counts Group/Hospital Caterers Association: The NNNG has beenasked to work with the Food Counts Group and the Hospital Caterers Association to produce a multidisciplinary study day early next year looking at how nurses, dietitians and caterers can work together to improve the nutritional care we give patients.
  • Nutrition and Hydration Week: Nutrition and Hydration week 2013 was a huge success. LE was asked to be an ambassador for the week and represented the NNNG at a tea party held in London as part of the world tea party to celebrate the week. Tea parties were held in India and Australia.

LE also discussed the webinar held by Andrea Cartwright and Barbara Dovaston regarding safe NG insertion and ongoing care.  Bridget Penney wrote an excellent article for the Nursing Times looking at diet and thickeners for the dysphagic patient. Carolyn Best and LE co-wrote an article for the Nursing Times discussing the importance of accurately weighing patients as well as hosting a webinar on general nutrition and hydration issues for ward nurses.

  • BAPEN: The NNNG is represented on the BAPEN Quality and Safety Group. They launched the Malnutrition Matters, A commitment to act in March 2014. This is a guide to provide clarity about where responsibility for commissioning and delivering nutritional care lies. The intention is to develop some sort of measuring tool for nutritional care in hospital patients as well as developing a nutritional care pathway.
  • NNNG Guidelines: The launch of NNNG guidelines at Conference last year proved successful. As well as members being able to download them, they are offered to non-members at £12.50 per guideline. The committee will be looking to produce more guidelines during the next 12 months – in accordance to member feedback including general gastrostomy care and ongoing NG tube care. NNNG members will be approached to help develop and review these.
  • The committee has recently accredited our first course – run by the Nightingale Trust. This 2 day course covers the care that patient who are having artificial nutrition support. It is open to any qualified nurses. Further information is available through the Nightingale Trust Website.
  • MHRA: The MRHA is looking to develop a nutrition page to make it easier for anyone working within the field to keep an eye on alerts. Currently safety notices do not always get to those people who need to see them but may go to procurement, or patient safety.
  • The committee continue to work closely with PINNT.  The NNNG will be supporting their Home Artificial Nutrition Week (HANS) 4 -10 August 2014 and aim to develop a care sheet, with PINNT, which a patient can take into hospital to alert HCPs of their intravenous feeding line and the care that should be taken.

The British Journal of Nursing awards were held in London on Friday 20th March 2014. The ceremony was held at Shakespeare’s Globe. The 14 categories included ‘nutrition nurse of the year’ which was judged and supported by the National Nurses Nutrition Group and presented by Dr Phil Hammond. Among the winners were the Birmingham Nutrition Nurse Team and Mia Small.

Treasurers report


Opening balance 1st Oct 2013 £29,288.37
Closing balance 7th July 2013 £33,959.92
Membership / Guidelines income £9730.00
Conference £2000
Interest £40.25
Total Incoming                                               £11779.25
Committee operating costs  
Test site £50
Survey Monkey £299
Expenses £2698.11
Meeting Venues £1979.70
Speaker Travel costs (Gil Hardy) £1057.03
Printing £244.56
Website £550
Conference place (poster presentation) £230
Total Expenditure £7108.40


Membership report

314 Members (312 members this time last year 2013)

111 hospital based nutrition nurses

142 industry nurses (Nutricia: 114, Fresenius: 19, Abbott: 5, Baxter: 3, Inspiration: 1

61 Miscellaneous including:  Staff nurses, student nurses, school / hospice based nurses, RMN

295 Full members, 19 Associate members: Dietitians: 9, Freelance trainer: 1, Non nurse members: 9

Guidelines: Sold 15 sets of guidelines since Jan 14 (BGT x 8, Exit site management x 4, NGT x 2, Weighing patients x 1)

Online membership (Slight problems but overall working). Neil reported that he undertakes routine changes to the website but major changes are referred to an IT company.


The NNNG Newsletter is published three times per year with sponsorship by Nutricia; the conference special sponsorship is currently being decided

The NNNG has a full page in each Complete Nutrition within which to publish a comments article and regularly contributes to BAPENs In Touch and E Touch publications.

The BAPEN P&P group are continuing their work, meeting again in September

The Committee continue to work with national nursing journals with a steady flow of publications on a variety of topics.  We strongly encourage our members to share their innovations in practice, their experience and expertise and if required, can advise and support members in getting their work published.

Date and timing of conference for 2014

Discussions took place relating to the timing of conference for 2014, June was put forward and the AGM discussed the option of missing a year, however the majority were keen to maintain the annual programme.

To continue the theme of a symposium at future conferences that were disease specific

The addition of posters to the conference was welcomed by members

Suggested topics for inclusion at next year’s conference included learning disabilities and pathways of care

Any other business:  No other business was raised

Meeting closed 16:30hrs

Thank you to all those who were able to attend

Next AGM to take at the NNNG conference planned for July 2015.


Liz Evans                                                                                                       Carolyn Best  

NNNG Chair                                                                                                 NNNG Secretary