National Nurses Nutrition Group National Nurses Nutrition Group

Annual General Meeting

Monday 30th September 2013

Solihull – Birmingham




Apologies:    None received


In attendance:  Committee – Liz Evans Chair, Neil Wilson Secretary, Barbara Dovaston Treasurer, Carolyn Best Communications Officer,  Winnie Magambo Vice Chair, Linda Warriner, Angie Davidson-Moore

Members  – 55 members signed into the AGM


Previous minutes:  29th October 2012 – agreed as fair and accurate record.


Matters Arising : Constitution – Further review agreed for next year objectives


Chairs reportLiz Evans delivered her report:

  • The NNNG held its yearly conference in Manchester in partnership with Mark Allen Group, who supported the management of the conference. The NNNG attracted not only its own members, but reached out to a wider audience who were interested in extending their knowledge in order to improve the nutritional care delivered to patients.
  • The conference was well evaluated by delegates and many networks were made, including new membership to the group.
  • The NNNG attended the British Association of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition meeting in December, which saw the launch of collaborative guidelines associated with improving patient safety. The impact the NNNG had on these guidelines ensured the nurses role was adequately represented.
  • NNNG continues to work with the cross industry representatives on enteral plastics safety to offer expert nursing advice with a clear patient focus with the aim of introducing new products by 2015. (Meeting 1st  October 1013 at NNNG conference with industry )
  • The NNNG endorsed the NICE Topic Expert Group – Quality Standards for Nutrition and have been recognised as a contributor in disseminating these National Standards.
  • NHS Commissioning Board – Special Health Authority – research regarding food journey across care settings. NNNG has been approached to contribute to this ongoing work.
  • The NNNG continues to work with the patient safety department of the NHS Commissioning Board to ensure that artificial nutritional care delivered is constantly reviewed to improve safety.
  • Representatives of the NNNG met with the Royal College of Nursing to discuss closer collaborative working in raising the profile of good nutritional care. As a result of this, the RCN Gastro Forum will work closely with the NNNG promoting safety in enteral tube feeding. Andrea Cartwright commented that the NNNG was part of an RCN forum up until 1997.
  • The NNNG has contributed to the review and development of industry educational resources to ensure suitability across both healthcare and patient groups.
  • The NNNG launched two further sets of good practice guidelines, utilising available evidence and consensus of opinion relating to the weighing of people and care of gastrostomy exit sites.
  • NNNG continue to work with the Royal College of Physicians – Nutrition Committee and are contributing to supporting the development of guidance in this area. These are classed as their top 10 tips and include NG, IV and NBM care.
  • The NNNG constitution updated and presented to its members in Oct 2012, was not approved at the AGM, therefore the 2006 constitution remains in its current form.
  • The NNNG committee continue to build on the financial stability of the charity with healthy accounts.
  • The NNNG were invited to attend a round table discussion facilitated by Society Guardian regarding the benefits and challenges in offering the right nutrition at the right time, for each individual.  This group also discussed the importance of empowering carers with the skills to identify when help may be required.
  • The NNNG were invited to disseminate good practice at a conference run by the Better Hospital Food campaign (Department of Health). The focus being to raise the profile of the nurses role in the support of nutritional care at mealtimes for patients. Liz attended a MDT meeting with huge ambitions to tackle hospital food service delivery.
  • The NNNG has forged a closer working relationship with Patients on Intravenous and Nasogastric Nutrition Therapy (PINNT) a registered patient charity.
  • The NNNG has seen a significant increase in membership to the group with 332 members compared with 270 at the same period last year. We have attracted more paediatric nurses to the group and appointed a co-opted member to advise the committee on this area of practice.
  • The NNNG continues to work with nursing educational journals including British Journal of Nursing, British Journal of Community Nursing, Complete Nutrition, Nursing Standard, Nursing Times and Nursing Older People.



Committee posts

  • Chair – Liz was elected as Chair for a 2nd term which will end her final term on committee
  • Secretary –Neil Wilson to stand down December 2013 at the end of his term and the post will be taken by Carolyn best
  • Treasurer – Barbara Dovaston elected for a 2nd term.
  • Vice Chair – Winnie Magambo elected for a final term
  • New committee members – Bridget Penney will be joining the committee when Neil Wilson stands down. Angie Davidson Moore will be filling the committee post left vacant by Lena Walliman until the end of her term.
  • Mia Small –  Co-opted to represent BANS
  • Sarah Cunningham – Co-opted to represent paediatric care advisor
  • Neil Wilson – Co-opted for 2014 to represent website online activities


Treasurers reportOpening balance 1st Oct 2012                    £24,994.57

Closing balance 30th Sept 2013                 £29513.05


Membership income                                       £10,600.00

Conference income                                        £1,470.12

Total Incoming                 £12,070.12 + £61.48


Committee operating costs                          £6541.00

(Travel, meeting rooms, BAPEN, BJN awards)


Website                                                                £950.00

Total Expenditure           £7491.00




 Membership report


348 Member (288 members 2012)            (305 Full members 33 (21) Associate members)

157 Industry members of which a total 139 are Industry Nurses (18 other)

(187 members 2011)

Online membership (Slight problems but overall working)


NNNG google groups has generally been very successful, this can now be managed well by members through the login area of the website.

Guidelines on front page of website to be developed for those people who want to pay per download and not become a member.



Communications2013 sponsorship of the NNNG newsletter changed to Nutricia and the Conference special was sponsored by Baxa.

The NNNG now has a full page in each Complete Nutrition within which to publish a comments article and regularly contribute to BAPENs In Touch and E Touch publications.

Liz Evans has also contributed to PENLines, the newsletter for the PEN group.

Following the release of the NNNG Good Practice Guidelines the NNNG received publicity via the NPSA who promoted our Nasogastric tube guidelines as part of their alert (NPSA 2012 RRR001).

The Changing of a Balloon Gastrostomy Tube (BGT) into the stomach for Adults and Children Good Practice Guidelines have been publicised via the BAPEN and Nursing Times website. Articles publicising the guidelines are also due to be published in the Nursing Times nutrition supplement and in Children Nursing over the coming months.

This years conference newsletter will be sponsored by Vygon and Complete Media are in discussions with Merck regarding sponsorship of the other two newsletters for 2014.



Date and timing of conference for 2014Discussions took place relating to the timing of conference for 2014, June was put forward and the AGM discussed the option of missing a year, however the majority were keen to maintain the annual programme.

To continue the theme of a symposium at future conferences that were disease specific

The addition of posters to the conference was welcomed by members

Suggested topics for inclusion at next year’s conference included learning disabilities and pathways of care


Any other businessNo other business


Meeting closed  16:16

Thank you to all those who were able to attend.





Liz Evans                                                                                                              Carolyn Best  

NNNG Chair                                                                                                       NNNG Secretary