National Nurses Nutrition Group National Nurses Nutrition Group

Annual General Meeting

Monday 29th October 2012

Manchester Town Hall






In attendance:  Committee – Liz Evans Chair, Neil Wilson Secretary, Anne Myers Treasurer, Carolyn Best Communications Officer, Barbara Dovaston, Winnie Magambo, Linda Warriner

Members  – 31 Members signed in


Previous minutes: 13th June 2011 – agreed as fair and accurate record.


Matters Arising : Welcome pack for new committee members – to be developed over the coming year.

Education and Training – not discussed.

Yahoo discussion group – now new google groups, this has widened the opportunity to include more members who are not barred by their Trust’s with the previous yahoo group. A number of members congratulated Neil and Kate on this new easy to use group.

Members area on the website –  has been populated to include many resources for our membership

Outstanding achievement award – ? 25th Anniversary award voted for by members, to explore this as an option to be announced at conference every year.

Committee posts – to be discussed later.



Chairs reportLiz Evans delivered her report:

  • The NNNG launched a new website in November 2012 with an aim of updating the system to facilitate improved information for both the public and the healthcare community.  The investment in the website upgrade (see accounts) has increased membership by a further 100 on the previous year improving operating income by £3k.
  • NNNG played a pivotal role on an expert reference group for national ‘dysphagia diet, food texture descriptors’. These were published in March 2012 with the aim of improving patient care and safety in this area. These are available in the members area of the website.
  • The NNNG were asked to respond to a National Patient Safety Rapid Response Alert relating to nasogastric feeding tubes, this was published and cited the NNNG guidelines as best practice.
  • NNNG published its first good practice guideline ‘safe insertion of naso gastric feeding tubes in adults’ in March 2012. These guidelines were supported by the National Patient Safety Agency.
  • NNNG published its second good practice guideline ‘Changing of a balloon gastrostomy tube into the stomach, adult and children’ in July 2012. This was supported by the National Patient Safety Agency and the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.
  • Barbara Dovaston has worked with the cross industry representatives on enteral plastics safety to offer expert nursing advice with a clear patient focus. Earlier today she met with industry and was able to state there will be a move towards a universal cap end by 2015.
  • The NNNG registered as a key stakeholder for the NICE Topic Expert Group – Quality Standards for Nutrition and have contributed to robust feedback in the consultation period. These standards are to be published in November 2012, and the NNNG are to endorse them.
  • The NNNG commented on an e-learning package ‘focus on under nutrition’ and recommended key changes to the training, following implementation, the NNNG endorsed the programme.
  • The NNNG commented on ‘managing adult malnutrition in the community’ produced by a multi disciplinary panel of experts in the field of nutrition in May 2012. The NNNG endorsed this.
  • NNNG now has a representative on the Royal College of Physicians – Nutrition Committee and are contributing to the development of RCP guidance. Feedback from members present was that it was a shame that all organisations cannot work together ie; BAPEN, NNNG and RCP to create collaborative guidelines.
  • The NNNG constitution has been updated from the 2006 version, to reflect the changing status of healthcare and was sent to members for consultation prior to this meeting. This will be discussed later.
  • The NNNG committee continue to build on the financial stability of the charity with healthy accounts. To be reported by the treasurer.
  • NNNG are supporting a proposal from all core groups to National Confidential Enquiry Patient Outcome Death research to review the practices surrounding enteral nutritional support which will update their previous report from 2004. Peter Austin has brought a collaborative group together.
  • NNNG will work with the new NHS commissioning board special health authority in the coming year which has replaced the key functions of the NPSA.  Caroline Lecko was thanked for continuing to work with the group in the board.
  • Liz Evans formally congratulated Andrea Cartwright (in her absence) for her appointment to the post of Consultant Nurse – Nutrition.
  • Linda Warriner has been awarded the Florence Nightingale scholarship and will be going to Australia to explore enteral feeding tube practices there and share practice.




Committee posts for re-election

  • Treasurer – Anne Myers is stepping down, Liz thanked Anne for her work during her 3 year term.
  •  Secretary – due for re-election end of 2013 – Neil Wilson
  • Communications – due for re-election end of 2013 – Carolyn Best
  • Vice Chair – due for re-election end of 2013 – Winnie Magambo


Financial reportOpening balance 1st Oct 2011                    £ 24,994.57

Closing balance 30th Sept 2012                 £ 24,933.93


Membership income                                       £8662.26

Conference income                                        £ 668.85

Total Income      £9331.11


Committee operating costs                             £6128.71

(Travel, meeting rooms, banners, badges, BAPEN, BJN awards)


Website                                                  £3262.50 (Cost of new site 2750.00)

Total Exp     £9391.21


Anne will be stepping down after conference. Lena Walliman was introduced as the new committee member and it was confirmed that Barbara Dovaston will be working closely with Anne in readiness to take over the role as treasurer at the end of the year.



 Membership report


288 members    (267 Full members   21 Associate members)

88 Industry Nurses

(187 members 2011)

218 Online members (standing order / cheque)


Membership emails now come from [email protected] email so there is a track of all emails to members and it conveys a corporate image.

NNNG google groups has generally been very successful with very few members being bounced, although there are reports of a few members being unable to access this group via their work email. Nevertheless it is a problem for far fewer people than compared to yahoo.  The next phase of this web forum is to see if we can embed this in the members area of the website.


CommunicationsThis year sponsorship of the NNNG newsletter changed to Nutricia but the Conference special sponsorship remains with Baxa.

The NNNG now has a full page in each Complete Nutrition within which to publish a comments article and regularly contribute to BAPENs In Touch and E Touch publications.

Liz Evans has also contributed to PENLines, the newsletter for the PEN group.

Following the release of the NNNG Good Practice Guidelines the NNNG received publicity via the NPSA who promoted our Nasogastric tube guidelines as part of their alert (NPSA 2012 RRR001).

The Changing of a Balloon Gastrostomy Tube (BGT) into the stomach for Adults and Children Good Practice Guidelines have been publicised via the BAPEN and Nursing Times website. Articles publicising the guidelines are also due to be published in the Nursing Times nutrition supplement and in Children Nursing over the coming months.



Website report Since the launch of the website there has been a steady growth in traffic through including online applications to join the group and peaks when information is launched through this medium such as NNNG guidelines.


Constitution – The new draft constitution was sent to all members for comment with and an online voting system for, against or abstain. 14 online members voted all in favour of the changes. A paper version of the constitution was distributed to members at the AGM with highlighted changes. A lively debate regarding changes took place. One industry member raised the issue of a larger proportion of industry nurses being represented on NNNG committee as there are large numbers of industry nurses in the NNNG. An NHS member opposed greater representation which sparked a debate regarding both the professional role of industry nurses and the commercial aspect of their employers. There was a query that the constitution had been changed, as a member expressed that industry nurses could not hold offices on the NNNG committee. LE conveyed that the constitution had not been changed by any of the existing committee and that she would check with the previous chair (Andrea Cartwright- AC) to see if she had facilitated any change in the constitution during her time of office. It was agreed after lengthy discussions that the proposed amendments to the  constitution would not be ratified and further work would be needed. Therefore the current constitution approved in 2006 remains in place.

Addendum – Day 2 of Conference – Liz Evans conveyed that she had spoken to the previous chair AC, who stated that the constitution had been updated and approved to reflect the changes in membership in line with the charity commission guidance at an EGM  of the NNNG in 2006.



Any other businessNo other business


Meeting closed 17.10

Thank you to all those who were able to attend.


Liz Evans                                  Neil Wilson

NNNG Chair                                 NNNG Secretary