National Nurses Nutrition Group National Nurses Nutrition Group

Annual General Meeting

Monday 21st June 2010

National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham



Apologies: Catherine Foster


Chairs reportLiz Evans gave her first chairs report re-capping on some of the activities of the NNNG during recent months:

  • NCEPOD Parenteral Nutrition report due to be launched 24/6/10
  • Dysphagia Guidelines – working with a multi-disciplinary team. NNNG involvement to look at the nurses role in dysphagia
  • Care Quality Commission – recently approached to work on an expert group to design a tool for assessing Standard 5.


  • The NNNG have recently endorsed the BAPEN Commissioning toolkit and MUST e-learning tool.


  • NNNG developed clinical competencies for Nutrition Nurse Specialists to be launched at conference.


Future plans:

  • Advanced skills study day November 2010
  • NNNG Conference 13/14 June 2011


Vision for the future – to move with the political climate and ensure the NNNG and nursing are at the heart of decision making in nutrition.


Committee Posts:

Treasurer – John Kennedy, current treasurer, is standing down after conference.

Secretary – Post due for re-election in December. Jane Fletcher, current secretary, not able to stand for re-election due to other work commitments.

Nomination forms will be sent out shortly. All members were encouraged to consider joining the committee.



Liz presented John Kennedy, Tracy Early, Kate Pickering and Lynne Colagiovanni with a gift each as thanks for their contributions to the NNNG over the years. Lynne Colagiovanni (former Chair of the NNNG) is due to retire from nursing in September this year.



Financial reportJohn Kennedy gave his final report as Treasurer.Accounts currently with Ian Brown at Churchill’s auditors, Shenstone, Staffordshire.Excess income for period ending 30/9/2009 was £6,000.Plan to use excess income to subsidise conference costs and avoid an increase in delegate fees for next year.

Advanced skills study days – aim for this to be cost neutral.


Unusual expenditure this year:

  • NNNG exhibition banners
  • Laptop for the NNNG Website and archive
  • Still need to purchase an external hard drive.


Again John encouraged all members to consider joining the committee.


John represents the NNNG on the BANS committee. Report:

Consent no longer required to register patients with BANS. Patient code for BANS is derived from their postcode, year of birth and the last four digits of their NHS number.

Hard copy reporting for BANS has now ceased. All reporting will take place electronically via E-BANS. This was launched on 1/6/10.



Membership reportJane Fletcher, Secretary, gave a membership report.Current number of members is 154 in total to date, with 114 Nutrition Nurse Specialists, 36 other nurses and 4 associate members with 3 dietitians and 1 pharmacist.Membership expires on 31st January each year. Fees to remain at £30 for full year and £20 for remaining year from July onwards.

Members may set up a standing order for payments, details on the website, or pay by cheque.


Member details kept on an Access Database on Jane’s hard drive at work. BAPEN are looking at their database again as there have been some technical problems. When this is working the NNNG may consider using this to store member details in the future.



CommunicationsNeil Wilson gave a report on the NNNG newsletter and other media.Conference Special – being sponsored by BAXA. Cost of £900.NNNG now have a page in the Complete Nutrition every issue and have been asked to support the BAPEN supplement due to be published twice year in British Journal of Community Nursing. Neil has also been approached by Practice Nursing to write an article on behalf of the NNNG. Neil encouraged all members to consider writing an article for the NNNG to put in one of these publications.

Dee Angell asked if the NNNG are asked to work with the RCN on any initiatives. Very rare for the RCN to approach the NNNG for input. Dee is an RCN Rep and is trying to raise the profile of the NNNG.



Kate Pickering, Webmaster, gave a report on the NNNG website

Kate generally updates the website with new information every Tuesday. 22,000 hits on website per year.

Kate needs material from members to keep the website current and up to date.

Lynne Colagiovanni commented that the website was very good and contained valuable information.



Any other businessSue Harding commented that it would be useful to have more information on the committee posts available and the time commitment. Some information on the website but all agreed this needs re-visiting and updating. Jose Bennell commented that she was the NNNG rep on PASA (Procurement). She had not been asked to report back to us for some time. Agreed that this was a problem and we had not been keeping in touch with members representing the NNNG on various working groups. Committee need to look at this and develop a better reporting system and ensure members are recognised for their hard work.

Kate Pickering suggested a monthly report from the Chair to keep members up dated with all the work the committee and other members are doing for the group.

Tracy Early commented that monthly would be unachievable but perhaps Liz could consider bi-monthly. Liz agreed to do this in order to keep the membership updated.

Meeting close

Thank you to all those who were able to attend.

Lis Evans
NNNG Chair

Jane Fletcher
NNNG Secretary