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All Acute and Community NHS Trusts will receive a notice from AVANOS over the coming weeks re: Closure of the MAXTER Manufacturing plant in France. Please see attached. The NNNG expect to hear discussion regarding this change on the NNNG board and among the Nutrition Community. AVANOS are very keen the NNNG lead and support with accurate and appropriate information. Ensuring Nutrition Nurses recognise this as:

  • A Business decision.
  • All Nutrition Nurses are advised to contact their local AVANOS REPs for advice and support regarding products due to cease manufacture: ENTRAL NGT and DFT, GTubes, ENTRAL connectors, NJTubes, Medication stoppers. Avanos do have direct replacements for some of these product groups. (Please ask for a product list with codes and establish volumes available for each ENTRAL product in the NHS Supply Chain. You are advised to work with your Procurement Manager who can advise and guide with supply and demand nationally).
  • Due to NHS COVID-19 planning, the SUPPLY Chain are well stocked with a supply of ENTRAL products for up to one year – assuming trusts don’t stock pile devices.
  • Nutrition Nurses should be advised not to make knee jerk decisions at this time. There is time to review the market and its product availability: For example: GB-UK and Medicina. Again, work with your Procurement Manager – test and trial devices.

NHS trusts are just starting to find their way out of COVID-19 contingency. Re-setting clinical priorities on all our minds. Nutrition Nurses are both the explorers and experts when defining the right device for the right patient at the right time. Product switching requires energy when launching and training new devices. Nutrition Nurses, are advised to plan and prepare if they are to achieve the best outcome for their trust climate.

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