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Two key checks.  One safe placement! That’s the rally cry of the Team at Enteral Access Technologies (E.A.T.), a Liverpool, UK based startup that is planning to introduce its DoubleCHEK™


The HSIB report clarifies that current testing methods for NGT position are significant contributors to NGT Never Events, noting that; “…both pH testing and use of X-ray are prone to

Field Safety Notice

The following Field Safety Notice has been issued by Johnson Test Papers in relation to one LOT of Indicator strips 0-6 Please ensure you check your supplies as per the

National Gastrostomy Survey

Professor David Sanders is keen for your help. He is currently running a national gastrostomy survey. He previously undertook this ten years ago and he is attempting to see how


Dear colleagues, As international member of the NNNG I would like to motivate NNNG members to complete following survey: The practice of a nutrition support nurse varies with the individual

Placement of nasogastric tubes.

The HSIB have released their report and summary report for Placement of nasogastric tubes. Please follow the links for access to the reports. HSIB_Placement_of_nasogastric_tubes_SummaryDownload HSIB_Placement_of_nasogastric_tubes_Report_V06Download

Stop praising us and start protecting us

As part of the AGP Alliance, the NNNG calls on government to take action on PPE for frontline healthcare staff during the pandemic.  Please read the documents below for more