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Enteral Plastics Safety Group Update – September 2014

ISO 80369-3 In 2015 an International Standard (ISO 80369-3) is being introduced that covers all enteral connectors. Enteral feeding devices** form part of this International Standard and this statement refers

Home Artificial Nutrition Week 4 – 10 August 2014

PINNT (Patients on Intravenous and Naso Gastric Nutrition Therapy) are running their second awareness week. During this week they will be show casing the partnerships they are proud to have

Royal College Launch Top 10 Tips for Nutrition

The Royal College Physicians – Nutrition Committee have published their top 10 tips for  nutritional care, these guides provide  a wide range of information from IV-fluid administration to nasogastric tube

Enteral Plastic Safety Group (EPSG) Statement

Following a full consultation in November 2013 regarding the practice of administering liquidised  food via enteral feeding tubes, the group has reached a consensus to not endorse this method of

BJN – Nutrition Award Winners 2014

The British Journal of Nursing awards were held in London on Friday 20th March 2014. The glittering ceremony was held at the prestigious Shakespeare Globe and is one of the largest nursing awards ceremonies recognising