National Nurses Nutrition Group National Nurses Nutrition Group

NNNG Committee Meeting Minutes September 2014

NNNG Committee Working Weekend 

Sunday 7th and Monday 8th September

St John’s Hotel, 651 Warwick Road, Solihull, B91 1AT

Meeting Minutes

Present: Liz Evans, Carolyn Best, Linda Warriner, Bridget Penney (Sunday only), Winnie Magambo (Sunday only), Barbara Dovaston, Angie Davidson Moore

Apologies: None

  1. Update committee details – Not addressed
  2. Good Practice Guidance:
    • Nasogastric tube ongoing guidance – Decision made not to write spate guidance from current NGT Insertion Good Practice Guidance. Current guidance to be update and extended to incorporate ongoing care
    • Nutrition in dementia – Guidance started. To be extended by Bridget over the coming weeks.
    • Guidelines: The committee discussed the accessibility of NNNG guidelines. No final decision was made regarding whether to make them free to access one year after publication. To be discussed further at a future meeting.
  1. NNNG Pledge for PINNT: We pledge to provide a clear information sheet for patients on HPN being admitted to hospital to inform hospital staff of the care they require. Angie and Winnie devised an A4 information sheet for patients to use to inform healthcare professionals when admitted to hospital (see appendix 1).
  2. Letter for industry accessing Google groups – Question regarding access to Google Groups for industry reps (non nursing) posed via survey monkey and sent out via G Mail to all NNNG members. Await responses
  3. Standards re access to Google groups to be revisited and tightened up.  – Not addressed

From AGM:

(There was little recognition of the NNNG code of conduct for members using Google Groups

Plan: Canvas opinion of this issue with all members of the NNNG. Review and made code of conduct more readily visible to members)

  1. Introduction information / pack for new nurses joining the NNNG (Above information to be part of pack). To be developed in readiness for the new membership year in January 2015
  2.  BAPEN 2014

BAPEN Conference 2014 (14th and 15th Oct): Liz going CB and Angie to accompany

NNNG will agree to fund 5 full conference places for the committee and accommodation as necessary (Costs for attending the medical day will not be included. Anyone attending this day will have to fund it themselves. Agreed by all of the committee). NNNG stnd to be manned by all attending in rotation.

  1. RCN/ Baxter work – national guidelines for PN –  The NNNG has been approached by Baxter who are facilitating a piece of work for national guidelines around IV and Parenteral nutrition connection and disconnection in the community. This will be a collaborative piece of work involving the RCN, NNNG, acknowledged experts in their field and patient representatives from across the country. It is hoped that the end work will result in guidance that is robust, evidence based and easy for both healthcare professionals and patients to use and understand.


  1. HCA/Food counts/NNNG study day 3 Feb

Study day Food Counts with the BDA in Feb 2015.

This study day is a collaboration between the BDA Food Count Groups, the Hospital Caterers Association and the NNNG. It will be looking at the role that dietitians, ward nurses and hospital caterers play in getting good nourishing food in to patients. It will be drawing on the recommendations of the recently published Hospital Food Standards Panel and discussing how the recommendations can be put into practice by Trusts,

      10. Conference 2015

Timing: Aiming for 6th and 7th July. Laura looking at hotels around Stratford Upon Avon or Nottingham

Programme: Discussions re including a Market Place scenario hosting a number of short session simultaneously through which delegates rotate

Contract renewed with Mark Allen for a further two years

Agreement to offer 10 free places for delegates presenting a poster at Conference 2015

Other discussions

11. Due to changes in her job role Linda has given notification that she will stand down from the committee at the end of her term in December 2014. Linda will attend her last NNNG committee meeting in November 2014. The committee will be sorry to see her go and wished her all the best.

12. BAPEN/ DDF 2016

DDF 2015 22/6-25/6/15: Aimed at gastro nurses/Consultants

They have requested nursing symposium Tues and Weds

Plan: Introduction regarding how nurses can influence care – nutrition to be incorporated

Calling for posters

Weds – nutrition in palliative care

BAPEN have requested that the NNNG organises two symposiums as part of DDF. Request refused. Agreed to do only one

Meeting on 11th September to agree content

Barbara has agreed that the NNNG will organise one as it does each year.

 13. BAPEN Programmes

Barbara highlighted that there are two NNNG representatives attending this meeting, herself and Winnie.

Barbara also raised the issue that although the NNNG contributes to BAPEN programmes and has its own symposium within the BAPEN conference; BAPEN does not allow the NNNG to use its logo and has been taking the credit and publicity for work undertaken.

 14. Westminster Health Forum (with the House of Lords)

Liz to talk about engaging staff in the nutritional care of patient