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NNNG Committee Meeting Minutes March 2014

NNNG Committee Meeting

3rd March 2014

St Johns Hotel Solihull


Attending: Liz Evans, Carolyn Best, Barbara Dovaston, Winnie Magambo, Bridget Penney Angie Davidson-Moore, Linda Warriner

Apologies: None


Person Responsible

  1. Minutes of the last meeting: No changes required

Matters Arising

  1. Skype: Barbara Dovaston to circulate password details to committee: Skype password required only if more than 3 people on system. As only 2-3 people on Skype at any one time decision made to pay additional fee.
  2. Nutrition and Hydration Week webinar.

Barb doing webinar with Caroline Lecko and Andrea Cartwright regarding NG tubes

Liz and Carolyn doing webinar regarding nutrition and hydration for Nursing Times

  1. Good Practice Statements. Setting up a members meeting..
  2. MHRA NGT education package Barb, Liz and Angie to organise. To be organised by the end of April 2014
  3. Liz to liaise with Mark Grumbridge CB to send his email onto Liz
  4. Nutricia Nurse Service Clinical Practice Protocol / Pathway of Care – Concerns raised re Nutricia nurses practice in managing balloon gastrostomy changes in patients with raised pH. Liz responded to Angharad Jones advising that the NNNG did not think it was appropriate to change their guidelines in response to their concerns and agreement for cut off points for pH checks should be as per local service agreement.
  5. Nutrition and Dementia Meeting: More dementia and nutrition guidelines being released. Meeting in Feb. If follow up required this will be passed onto Bridget. Liz has received a copy of the guidelines. No further meeting agreed at this point

End of ward service:   Meeting 31st Jan 2014 – Liz in discussion with Helen Ream, dietitian and Andy Jones from the HCA regarding the setting up a study day regarding patient nutrition / mealtimes. Cost and content at this point is not clear


Updates from External Committees

BAPEN Council – Winnie attended a meeting in January. Key points for the NNNG include having a nurse link for the DDF programme. Winnie has suggested contacted the gastro forum from the RCN.

BAPEN are trying to re-organise their regional reps to make then more representative of  membership

Looking to launch the MUST app during Nutrition and Hydration Week. Still working on website development

Core Groups Meeting: Carolyn Wheatley requested BAPEN info sheets for PINNT members. Winnie has agreed that the NNNG will help to develop these with PINNT and PENG

BAPEN Education and Training – Current guideline formulation  New Chair Andy Rochford

Looking to develop a decision tree app. More decision trees to be released

Winnie has made it clear that the NNNG will not be contributing to the development of an exit site care decision tree until our guidelines have been released for over a year.

Decision tree for pump in progress with PINNT


  • RCP – Nutrition Committee – Liz did not attend the last meeting. No minutes available at this stage
  • Enteral Plastics Safety Group – Times for implementation of agreed tube ends is slipping. Currently having to revisit plans on whether to change design of end or go with that currently design although disagreement exists between companies. Obtaining the ISO standard is not expected soon.
  • NNNG to be asked to be part of a user panel –date not agreed as yet Committee will now become part of NHS England
  • BAPEN Programmes – Meeting in the next week. No update at present
  • Food Panel – Liz was invited to a meeting at Clarence House to launch a CQUIN for the soil association regarding improving hospital food. Sub group of the food panel…..
  • Liz to add piece regarding this meeting for the NNNG column for CN
  • New BPNG chairman – Ruth Newton has taken over the Chairmanship of the BPNG


Standing NNNG Agenda Items (All)


Chairs update:.

Secretary update:

Membership to date:264

One person submitted poster presentation. Second reminder sent out earlier this week

Minor problems getting everyone back onto discussion board

Financial update: £30,000

Invoice received from Digital Omlette £500 for work being undertaken on the website

Communications update: Next newsletter to be submitted to Faye later this month



  1. For discussion:


Conference 2014


Free stands: Alzheimers Society, PINNT, Barchester Healthcare, PENG, BPNG, BAPEN, Nightingale Trust


AOB: Liz has agreed for the NNNG to devise a patient leaflet with PINNT as part of their Artificial Nutrition Awareness Week



Next meeting: 9th June 2014