BJN Awards 2017 – Nominations now open

Untitled-11To enter a nomination into the BJN Awards please follow the instructions below carefully before submitting online.

You will be asked to register after which you can choose the categories you wish to enter and follow the on-screen instructions. Once you have completed the work on your entries, you can submit them all at once. The online entry system allows you to start an entry, save it, and complete it at a later date. Entries close 12 December 2016.

Each category has specific criteria. Please familiarise yourself with the criteria ahead of starting your entry online.

The main component of your entry is a written statement of no more than 500 words answering four category-specific questions (click here for the questions per category) – approximately 125 words on each question.

In addition to this you will need to supply:

  • Name of nominee
  • Job title
  • Place of work
  • Contact details
  • Supporting references or literature
  • Supervisor details and confirmation of consent (Please note this is optional and not a mandatory part of the submission)
  • Supervisor statement (Please note this is optional and not a mandatory part of the submission)

PLEASE NOTE: All entries are judged anonymously, therefore please avoid using any names of people or places in your written statement. E.g. “Julie has made an enormous contribution to care delivery at St Jude’s Hospital” should be written as “She has made an enormous contribution to care at the hospital”.

Supporting documentation:

You may submit additional information to support your entry, for example images or testimonials. Wherever possible, this should be online with the entry. Please note there is a 5mb file size limit for the upload. If your supporting documentation exceeds the file size limit, or your supporting documentation cannot be uploaded, please post it or email it to

Please clearly mark your supporting documentation with the number of the entry it corresponds to. This number is supplied by the system when you complete your submission.

For further information relating to categories including the Nutrition Nurse of Year Award visit


Nutrition Nurse of the Year Award Guidance;

Nurses are fundamental in providing nutritional support and information to patients. Nursing staff are in the frontline when it comes to identifying and addressing the nutritional needs of patients. This award will recognize a nurse who has made a significant difference in nutrition nursing this year.

For this category, please consider:

  • What has this nurse contributed to nutrition nursing?
  • How has this contribution impacted patient care?
  • How can this contribution benefit nutrition nursing as a whole?
  • What evidence (if any) is there to support this contribution?        






























Nominations Now Open