1. Establishment and Title.

A National Nurses Nutrition Group was established in 1986, hereinafter known as the NNNG

2. Objectives.

The objectives of the NNNG are to promote education in nutrition and related subjects for members of the nursing profession, for the public benefit, and especially for the benefit of patients in hospital and community.

In furtherance of the above objective, the NNNG may;

a) Promote an increased awareness amongst nurses of disease related malnutrition and its consequences.

b) Provide opportunities for members to meet together for the purpose of discussing matters of common interest concerning disease related malnutrition.

c) Promote activities that will assist members working in the field of nutritional support to increase their knowledge and enhance their contribution to this subject.

d) Raise funds and invite and receive contributions from any person or persons whatsoever by way of subscription, donation and otherwise providing that the National Nurses Nutrition Group shall not undertake any permanent trading activities in raising funds for its charities objects.

e) Promote the role of the Nutrition Nurse Specialist within a multi-disciplinary nutritional support team.

f) Do all such other lawful things as shall further the above objects.

3. Members.

There shall be two categories of membership; Full member and Associate member

Full member

Any practicing Registered Nurse with a professional interest in nutritional support and commitment to the objectives of the NNNG.

These members may attend meetings of the NNNG and vote on issues concerning the NNNG. In order to stand for office, members must present evidence to the membership of a current, active role in nutritional support. This may include any registered nurse with an interest in nutritional issues who is employed by a commercial organisation whose products or services are used in nutritional support. Only one Nurse from any commercial organisation can hold office on the NNNG Committee at any one time.

Full members do not have to be Nutrition Nurse Specialists or hold a post primarily concerned with nutritional support.
Associate member

Associate members may include non-registered Nurses, Student Nurses or other professionals with an interest in nutritional support. Associate members may attend meetings of the NNNG but are not entitled to vote or hold office.

4. Membership Fees.

An annual subscription shall be payable to the NNNG on Jan 31st. Those members joining between January and July will pay full membership subscriptions for the membership year. Those joining after 1st July will pay reduced subscription. All members, including those joining later in the year will still be required to renew their subscription on Jan 31st. of the subsequent year.

The amount of the subscription shall be determined by the membership in the annual general meeting.  The membership fee will remain the same for both categories of membership.

5. Meetings.

An Annual General Meeting of the NNNG shall be held at least once a year.  Normally this shall be associated with a conference, the time and place of the meeting shall be determined by the Committee of the NNNG having due regard to the wishes of the members.

The ordinary business of the meeting shall include;

a) Receipt of the minutes of the previous meeting plus any extraordinary meeting held since the previous meeting.

b) Receipt of a report from the Committee.

c) Receipt of the accounts of the NNNG.

d) Consideration of other business.

The Committee or the Chairman, upon receipt of a written request from at least one fifth of the membership, may call a Special Meeting. At least three months notice of the meeting date is required.

The Committee or the Chairman may call an Extraordinary General Meeting. At least one month’s notice to the membership is required.

6. Proceedings and Power.

The Chairman, or in his/her absence the Treasurer or Secretary, shall take the chair at all meetings.

Except insofar as stated in the constitution voting shall be by a show of hands, unless a majority of those present request a secret ballot. Postal voting may be used in the election of the Officers of the NNNG at the discretion of the NNNG committee.

In the case of an equality of votes, the Chairman shall have the casting vote.  Substantial changes to the constitution shall be notified to the members before the relevant meeting where the vote is to take place.

7. National Nurses Nutrition Group Committee

The Committee shall consist of those officers elected by the full members.

8.   Officers.

Officers shall perform their duties to the satisfaction of the members.

The NNNG shall elect from its full members a total of seven officers to include a Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Chairman will ordinarily serve a 4 year term of office and all others committee members 3 years.

Only Full Members of the NNNG are eligible to stand for election or vote in an election for Committee of the NNNG.

Only one non-clinical and/or Industry-based Nurse may be on the NNNG Committee at any one time.

It is a requirement of this constitution that there is a Chairman of the NNNG. If a Chairman of the group is not elected, the Group shall be dissolved. The committee of the NNNG shall appoint a Chairman if election is due. The Chairman shall be elected from the existing Committee of the NNNG.

Any Full member maybe approached by the Chairman or Committee to work as a co-opted member of the committee or to represent the NNNG in core activities outside the committee.

Officers shall be eligible for re-election for three terms of Office in any Committee post but thereafter will have to stand down from Office and shall not be eligible for re-election until a period of one year has elapsed. The only exception to this is where nominations for a post have not been received by the closing date and the existing Committee member agrees to continue to serve the Committee, until a suitable replacement can be elected.

Any vacancy occurring amongst the officers due to death, resignation or the ineligibility of a member to complete his/her term of office, or to no valid nomination being received at the time of election, shall be filled by the Chairman in consultation with the officers; always providing that the person appointed would have originally been eligible for nomination. Any person so appointed shall serve only for the remainder of the term of office of the person whose vacancy he/she has filled.

Nominations for committee posts will be invited 3 months prior to the end of the predecessor’s term of office.  Members will be informed of the nominations. If more nominations are received than posts available, members of the committee will take a vote on appointment of officers, based on their knowledge, skills and commitment.

Powers of Officers.

The officers shall be empowered to manage and control the affairs of the NNNG.

The officers shall meet as and when required, one meeting to be arranged to take place at the same time as the AGM.  The NNNG Committee shall make any decision affecting the NNNG as a whole.

The Chairman or in his/her absence the Secretary or Treasurer shall take the chair at all the meetings of the officers.  Any officer may initiate a meeting through the Secretary who shall ensure that notice of the meeting be sent to every officer stating the purpose for which the meeting is being called.   At least one month’s notice of meetings shall be given.

The Chairman, or in his / her absence the Treasurer or Secretary, and three other offices shall form a quorum and no action shall be taken unless and until the quorum is unanimous on matters considered and action taken.

The officers may recommend and / or set up standing committees, ad-hoc committees, or working parties as the need arises.  Any such committee shall report its findings to the officers of the NNNG.

All Officer of the NNNG committee are NNNG charity Trustees.

Removal of Officers and co-opted members.

An officer may be removed from office by a resolution approved by two-thirds of the officers.  To remove the Officer, written charges against that officer should be filed with the Secretary and the Chairman and discussed at the next available Committee meeting with a vote taken to remove the Officer from post if charges are upheld

An Officer will be required to attend at least 50% of Committee meetings in a one-year period. Unless a valid reason for non – attendance is lodged with the secretary, and the attendance requirement remains unfulfilled, they will be removed from office.

Any Full member co-opted by the committee to represent the NNNG, who fails to attend at least 50% of meetings, will have the co-opted status withdrawn.

9. Amendments

Alteration of this constitution shall receive the assent of two-thirds of the full members present and voting at an AGM or EGM. No alteration shall be made to Clause 2,8, or 9 without the prior approval of the Charity Commissioners or other authority having charitable jurisdiction; and no alteration shall be made which would have the effect of causing the NNNG to cease to be a charity in law.

10. Dissolution.

The NNNG may be dissolved by resolution of the officers or membership, providing that such a resolution has the support of two-thirds of the members present and voting.

It is a requirement of this constitution that there is a Chairman of the NNNG. If a Chairman of the group is not elected, the Group shall be dissolved.

In the event of a dissolution, all remaining assets, after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall be given or transferred to such other charitable institutions or institutions having similar to all or some of the objectives of the NNNG.

July 2006

NNNG Committee