NNNG supports PINNT HAN Awareness Week 2017

Posted on: 29th July, 2017 by the NNNG.

The NNNG proudly supports PINNT Home Artificial Nutrition awareness week 2017. During the week of 7th to 13th August 2017, PINNT undertakes a variety of activities to raise awareness of people living with home artificial nutrition.

What you can do during HAN week

  • Share your story/social media or local newspapers/radio -  your personal experience can inspire or support others. There are variations in all our lives but something you say may strike a chord with someone. Sharing your story may just make a difference to someone else.You can share it on social media, your own Facebook page, PINNT’s Facebook or Twitter page……   and MUCH MORE….

Visit http://pinnt.com/Home-Artificial-Nutrition-Awareness-Weeks/HAN-2017.aspx


PINNT AGM and FUN Day Invitation - Saturday 12th August 2017

Download the fun day flyer

Please note 

  • Registration is essential.
  • It’s not too late to Register now although we are past the ‘final date for registration’.